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Affordable, high quality website development.

Whether you are looking for a new website, require help with a small or large part of a website project, desire a revamp or an upgrade to your existing website, or want to review website visitor conversions, then I am able to help.

I can also work with designers and turn their creativity into fully functional rapid and responsive websites.

Please read more about the services I can offer and explore examples of my work by scrolling down. Feel free to contact me if you want to chat through your requirements or have any questions.

A little bit about me, my skillset and my experience.

My name is Jon-Paul Edwards and I have been a web developer since 2010. I have a level 4 qualification in computing and mathermatics awarded by the Open University. This is equivelant to half way between A level and Degree. I can build both simple and complex websites and one of my major strengths is problem solving.

Over the years I have built websites for business that have sold tens of thousands of products, where industry has ordered millions of items, and businesses have made hundreds of thousands, if not millions of pounds worth of turnover. I have also built websites for schools and charities.

I live in Louth, England which is on the East Coast. I am able to work remotely, either on a fixed price basis, or an hourly rate depending on the complexity of the work required and the time required.

I can build cost effective websites in Wordpress, and more complex sites from scratch. I am fluent in Html, CSS, Javascript, C#, .NET MVC Entity Framework, SQL Server databases and more.

I have experience of working with clients at a director / senior management level, and of working with both small and multi-million pound companies. I am also happy working with designers, turning their designs into fast and responsive websites.

Please get in contact with me, should you wish to find out more.

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Some of my website projects

Below is a selection of websites I have built over time. Some of these are low cost budget websites costing a couple of hundred pounds and are relatively simple, whilst others run into many thousands of pounds and are quite complex.

What my clients say about me

I tend to work with the same clients over and over again, rather than working with clients for one off projects. This isn't by choice, it is just the way things have turned out. They seem to come back for more...
clients celebrating success
Michael Rhodes
Goodwills Local
Jon-Paul Edwards has provided support to our business over a number of years and has designed our new website. I have always found him thoughtful, patient and helpful. He has demonstrated a good understanding of our business needs.

He makes helpful suggestions, whilst also respecting our preferences and decisions. He has also been happy to provide subsequent support to resolve any issues that have occurred with the website and associated email addresses
Paul White
Always Wanted Swindon
Excellent service, not bad prices, would highly recommend using this company
Miss C
5* service every time! Highly recommend, amazing customer service. Jon-Paul has always gone above and beyond. Excellent service!
Dan Davies
Axim Global
Jon-Paul is incredably hard working and can solve every problem we throw at him. We are a difficult client, always wanting things done at the last minute, and needing things yesterday. Jon-Paul always exceeds our expectations.

Wordpress Websites

Wordpress websites are an affordable option for many businesses. They can be built rapidly, can be completely customised, and can provided editible features for the owners, so they can change and update the website themselves to save future costs, should they wish.

Typical Pricing:
A 3 page website from £299
A 5 page website from £399
A 10 page website from £599

Complex Websites

Complex websites take more time to develop, and require more control over the language used to code the site, security of the server and data storage than what Wordpress can provide. These sites tend to be more stable, and more suitable for larger businesses or those with niche requirements.

Typical Pricing:
£30 per hour or
£200 per day or
£950 per week


Can you work on location?
No. I work remotely from my home-office in Louth, Lincolnshire. I am happy to video call using zoom or similar, and am happy to use collaboration tools as required.
Can you work with international clients?
Yes. I am fluent only in English though, so I would need to liaise with an English speaking person.
What hours do you work?
I aim to work 7 hours per day Monday to Friday. These hours can be between 6am and 10pm, depending on my schedule. I can work at weekends for an additional cost.
What is your minimum charge?
I charge a minimum of £30. For this you can have my services for an hour.
Can you help me with a isolated problem rather than build a whole website?
Yes. There will be a minimum charge of £30 though.
Can you build a website based on my designs?
Yes. I actually prefer this.
How can I reduce my costs?
You can reduce your costs by writing the text for your website, and providing images where appropriate too. You can also consider having less content, or fancy features.
What technology do you use?
I use a powerful machine with a Intel® Core™ i9-9900K octa-core processor, 128gb Ram, and a 1gb connection. I work with a 40" flat screen monitor, along side a 24" monitor so that I can view the equivelant of 5 standard screens without switching screens.

This helps with rapid development which is not slowed down by outdated or unreliable technology.
Can you write the text for my website too?
Yes I can. I would prefer it if you would write your own copy or at least have some input. You know your business better than me, and can speak with more emotion (hopefully) than I can.

I can look at bringing in a copywriter to help write the copy if you prfer.
Can you provide hosting, security certificates, search engine optimisation and ongoing support?
Yes. I can help with any or all of these. I will be happy to discuss your options and requirements with you. 
Can you work as part of a team?
Yes I can. No problems.

Talk to me

If you are interested in finding out if I am a good fit to work with you or your business, please get in contact for an initial no obligation chat so I can understand what you need, and see if we can collaborate.

Please complete the form below, or altenatively, please contact me via telephone, email or Facebook, my details are in the footer below.

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